Spring Retreat at Pine Cove!

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Attention DADS!!

Treat your daughter to a night out on the town with her MAIN MAN–YOU!

Tween Time invites you to join us for

Daughter Daddy Date Night.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Go to www.daughterdaddydatenight.eventbrite.com for all of the details.

The password to access the event info is tweentime.

ACT NOW.  This info is TIME-SENSITIVE.  Space is limited.

We hope to see YOU and YOUR GIRL there!


New Women’s Bible Study Begins TUESDAY

Is studying God’s Word one of YOUR New Year’s Resolutions?

Then join us for neighborhood Bible Study on Tuesday nights!

Come as you are (new to Bible study or old pro).  Hang out and get to know some real women as we grow closer to God together.

Here are the details:

Beth Moore’s Esther: It’s Tough Being a Woman

Tuesday evenings, 7:45-9:45 p.m.

10 weeks beginning THIS TUESDAY, JANUARY 14

Facilitated by Sarah Moran and Erika Rener (Mimi)

Hosted at Mimi’s house 8203 Full Moon Trail

RSVP by SUNDAY, JANUARY 12, and we will purchase your workbook in advance.  After that, you can buy your own at Lifeway.

Cost is $15.95 for the workbook.

Get inspired by watching this promo video.  We hope you’ll join us!

A Ministry Update

Hello dear friends and neighbors,

As I sit here planning for the rest of the fall, I am overcome with gratitude for what God has done in this community through Tween Time and Audrey’s Harvest.

Victoria Tackett reported that over the weekend the neighborhood kids gathered in her front yard…children she has known and watched growing up for years now.  As they played, she observed the little girls all huddled together singing a song from Tween Time and doing the motions.  How beautiful to see them worshipping and sharing what they have learned–unscripted and unprompted!  We rejoiced over this, and we agreed that this “Tween Time” thing has taken on a life of its own!  I believe that the Holy Spirit is driving the interest and enthusiasm in the kids.  I cannot overstate the hope that wells up in me when I think about what God can do with their little hearts and minds.  What DOES He have planned for them?  How will they impact their families?  Their communities?  The world?!

As supporters of our ministry, I think that you deserve to hear stories like these–ones that will light a fire under you to keep praying for us and keep inviting your neighbors to participate.  So, here’s a quick update on how our semester is going.  So much has happened since school started!

You are likely to be aware of what Tween Time is like where your daughter attends.  What you may not know is that every week, about 80 girls (4th-8th grade) and 15+ adult volunteers are meeting in 5 different locations!  And, we have seen steady growth as girls are making new friends and inviting them to visit.   Many of our 6th graders have moved into nearby neighborhoods and are attending different middle schools, and that is expanding our reach.  It seems that, as soon as we order new supplies, we run out and have to order more–I cannot think of a better “problem” to have!

I am continually impressed with the love these girls have for each other.  When a new girl shows up, the others shout welcomes.  They excitedly sing happy birthday each week to whomever is celebrating.  They play and talk and sing and dance.  And now, after weeks of getting to know each other better, our leaders report that they are sharing their hearts with one another…opening up and being real about life…and praying for each other.  Building these relationships is priceless because it lays the foundation for encouragement and accountability as they mature and pursue Christ together.

We have spent the semester studying the Bible together, beginning with a unit on defense of the faith, followed by a unit on making godly decisions (using the life of Moses as an example), and finishing now with a unit on “fair play” in relationships with God and others.  Our leaders take personal time to prepare their hearts and homes to receive your children.  They take great care as they study the lesson and choose how to present it each week.  Girls are memorizing Scripture that goes with each unit, and every leader adds in extras that make their groups unique–crafts, special snacks, activities and games that reinforce what we are teaching.  We love to share ideas with each other, too.  So, sometimes one group starts something, and then the others copy!  At my home, we have begun a memorization challenge that will result in a spring field trip for the girls who choose to finish.  We have already learned the books of the Old Testament with a Veggie Tales video and the 10 Commandments with hand motions.  It takes me days to prepare to teach what your kids learn perfectly in 5 minutes flat!  They are so sharp!  Their attention span is also amazing.  NEVER underestimate them.

In October, all of our groups planned and executed a mission project of their choice.  The girls in my home (4th-5th grade) sponsored foster children from the Giocosa Foundation Child Placing Agency for Christmas.  The girls and their families busily fulfilled wish lists, and on Halloween, they enjoyed spooky snacks and gift-wrapped the presents we collected.

The leaders of the T2 groups (6th-7th grade) combined to collect personal items for homeless teens in our area.  And, boy did they do a good job!  Marilyn McGahan’s group, Cathy McLeod’s group, and Cathy Shaw’s group shared some Chick-Fil-A and fellowship while they assembled care packages full of shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, and deodorant.  And they topped them off with meaningful notes of encouragement.  Cindy Barry, who works closely with these homeless and struggling teens, came to speak to our girls about the immediate needs right here in our community and how we can continue to help meet those needs.

Teen Time (8th graders)(led by Shelly Cook and Heidi York) chose to create “Blessing Bags” for the homeless to keep in their cars so that they can distribute them when they see a need.  Some of the girls made extras to donate to Church Under the Bridge.

And, earlier this fall, Marilyn McGahan’s group participated in the Voice of the Martyrs’ Action Pack Program by sending practical help, praying for, and encouraging persecuted Sudanese Christians.  They enclosed photos signed by the girls along with the reminder “Jesus Loves You.”  And, each girl took home a “PRAYER AND AWARE” magnet that will serve as a reminder to PRAY for persecuted Christians around the globe and to make others AWARE of their plight.

Thank you to parents for donating items towards these projects.  We hope that these experiences have helped your daughters begin to put hands and feet to the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Our leadership team has a deep desire to introduce your children to the beautiful reality of a personal relationship with Jesus.  In turn, we expect that they will experience the resulting transformation that causes us to LIVE DIFFERENTLY by God’s grace and mercy.

I am continually blessed by the stories I am hearing out of each host home concerning what is taking place each week.  I hope you are also pleased with what you are seeing.

Our team had a fantastic meeting last week that resulted in some incredible plans for our spring semester.  I am preparing that information right now and hope to pass it along before Christmas break so that you and your kids can start getting excited about what is coming!  NOW is a GREAT time to invite friends to join Tween Time, T2, and Teen Time.  January is always a perfect opportunity to try something NEW.  Please remember to talk about Tween Time with your friends and neighbors.  And, if you are considering getting involved and volunteering your time, we would love to hear from you.

I have posted some new pictures on our website from this fall, so check them out.  I will be adding more as soon as the other leaders pass them along.

May your holiday season begin and end with gratitude for all that God has done.  I count YOU among my many blessings!


Sarah Moran

Save the Date–Tween Time Family Pool Party–Sept 15, 4-6 p.m.


Join us for the


Sunday, September 15–4-6 p.m.

The Oaklands Pool

700 Oak Park Drive, Round Rock, TX 78681

(FYI–not the pool at the end of Oaklands Drive!)

All Tween Time, T2, and Teen Time girls and their families–BYO picnic if desired

Come play with friends and chat with your neighbors and Tween Time’s leaders.

Non-members welcome to come find out more about what we do!  Invite friends!

For more info: Call Sarah Moran at 512-507-4187

Used Bible Drive!


Have any extra Bibles collecting dust on a shelf in your home?

Help Tween Time out by donating them!

Bring them to any Tween Time location during the month of September.

Having a stash of Bibles on hand keeps the girls from having to haul theirs in a backpack to and from school and ensures that EVERY girl actually OPENS a Bible each week!  Different translations ok.  Helps them learn.

Thanks in advance for your help.  Feel free to pass our request to family and friends…

Tween Time 411!


T2 (6th-7th)–Tuesday, September 3rd, 4-5:30 p.m.

Teen Time (8th)–Tuesday, September 3rd, 7:30-8:30 p.m.

Tween Time (4th-5th)–Thursday, September 5th, 3-5 p.m.


  • You will be receiving a phone call from your small group leader by Saturday, August 31st.  She will give you details about where to go for the first meeting.
  • Small groups are never set in stone.  If your group does not work for you, we can rearrange things.
  • Unless it is for a logistical reason (like a carpool), however, we do ask that you try it out for a while first.
  • We are prayerfully considering how to match our leaders and girls.  We think this is hard because we like all of you and would love to be together!!  But, we like small groups because you get more individual attention, time to talk, and a safe place to build trust and friendships.
  • Please arrange to pay your $50 registration fee as soon as you are able.  We have already incurred costs for curriculum, materials, and snacks.  We need your help!


  • Please take the time to register by Tuesday, August 27th.  Leaders will be meeting on Wednesday and Thursday to determine how many homes/groups to create.  It sure would help us to know you are coming!


  • We will be posting the location of the groups by Saturday, August 31st.  You are welcome to come and check us out to see what we are all about.


  • Tween Time is mostly advertised via word of mouth.  If you like Tween Time and support what we are doing, please tell your friends.
  • Girls, as you make new friends this school year, remember to invite them to Tween Time.  ALL 4th-8th grade girls are welcome!


  • Please don’t hesitate to call me at 512-507-4187.

Our team is grateful for your support and participation.  We consider it a HUGE PRIVILEGE to spend time with your girls each week encouraging them to grow closer to God and develop lasting friendships with one another.  We are all excited and confident it is going to be a GREAT year!


Sarah Moran