One more reminder to REGISTER now

Just a friendly reminder to register your daughter for Tween Time and T2. ¬†ūüėČ

Leaders meet Thursday, Aug 28 to form groups and plan.  If you have registered, you will receive a call or email from your leader after Thursday and before the first meeting date.

We can’t wait to get started! ¬†See you next week!






Attn: Moms–Join us for Fall Women’s Bible Study!

The Patriarchs 3

Tween Time Moms, Neighbors, Friends:

Join us Tuesdays, 7:45-9:45 p.m., 10 weeks beginning September 16

at the home of Erika Rener (A.K.A. Mimi)

8203 Full Moon Trail, Round Rock, TX 78681

Facilitated by Sarah Moran and Erika Rener


For more information, call Sarah at 512-507-4187

“The Patriarchs: Encountering the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob by Beth Moore takes participants into Genesis 12-50. It reveals God’s remarkable pursuit of relationship and the unfolding of His earthly plan: that through one nation – and ultimately, one man – all people on earth will be blessed.

Discover God’s pursuit of a relationship with man, and marvel as His plan to bless all people unfolds. Full of twists and turns, ruin and redemption, revelation and mystery this Bible study keeps participants captivated by the God who stars in it! Explore concepts such as blessing, covenant, and promise, and the bearing each has on a New Testament believer’s life today. Group members will also study the Hebrew names of God introduced on the early pages of Scripture. Many of the most profound and enduring concepts in the whole counsel of God’s Word are initiated in this marvelous book of beginnings.”


Register NOW for Fall!

It’s That Time Again!

Register your girls now for Tween Time 2014-2015

Don’t forget to register your daughters for another great year of Tween Time!¬† We have planned an AMAZING year of lessons and activities you won’t want to miss!

The website is updated with new information–2014-2015 calendar, special events, curriculum, leaders, and weekly meeting locations and times.¬† So, explore the website (particularly under the “Tween Time Basics” tab), and get excited about what God is doing in our very own neighborhood!

Remember that it helps us to plan groups when we know who is coming.  Please support us by responding before school starts if possible!  Our first meetings will take place after Labor Day.

Make sure to let us know if you have preferences regarding leader, location, or friends.  We will take that into consideration when forming groups.

Please pass this information along to anyone you think may be interested in participating. New friends welcome!

Register by clicking here:

Pay your registration fee online by clicking here:

As always, our registration fees cover the basics, so if you feel moved to give above and beyond toward our ministry, we would be grateful.  This year, we would like to purchase Bibles for several of our locations.  We found that when the translations are the same (and the page numbers are the same), it really helps our lesson time.  Also, we were able to use budget surplus last year to provide some partial scholarships to girls for our spring retreat at Pine Cove.  It would be lovely to be able to do that again this year.  Thanks in advance for your financial support.

Please call me with any questions I haven’t answered with the web info.¬† I can’t WAIT to¬†get started!¬† I am pumped about what God has placed on the hearts of our leaders to share with your girls.¬† Again, I thank you for the opportunity to get to know them and to share life and God’s love with them.

I’d like to share an article that I read recently that resonated with me and lit a fire under me, too: “3 Common Traits of Youth Who Don’t Leave the Church”.¬† You can read it at:

The article affirms that our first goal is to give our girls the opportunity to receive the life-changing truth about Jesus Christ so that HIS SPIRIT IN THEM will continue the work of transformation necessary to give them all of the good God has planned for them.¬† Without real conversion, everything we teach them–even biblically–is just behavior modification.¬† Secondly, it charges youth leaders and parents alike to do the work of EQUIPPING our kids to live out their faith so that when they leave home, the motivation they have to live the Christian life comes from within.

I know our Tween Time team pledges to do our part–will you partner with us and your local church to do yours?¬† What is your family’s next step closer to God?¬† How can we help you take that next step?

Praying for each of you!  Happy last few weeks of summer!

Sarah Moran






Retreat Recap and Slideshow!

Thanks again for trusting us with your children for the weekend at Pine Cove!  God protected us and provided exactly what we needed for a successful and fun first Tween Time Retreat.

We began our journey there with some rain and hail, but there were rainbows (multiples!) all the way there.¬† The girls got a big kick out of that!¬† What a beautiful symbol of God’s promises to us and of His sovereignty.¬† It gave me the chance to teach the girls that the rainbow is most often seen in¬†the bible directly over God’s THRONE!

All in all, the retreat could not have gone more smoothly.¬† We took 70 girls with us–about 60% of our membership plus some guests.¬† How awesome is that?!¬† From the accommodations to the lessons to the games to the crafts to the free time fun, we were blessed.

Since the weekend, it has been a joy listening to what was learned.¬† We challenged the girls to¬†answer one question at the¬†end of the weekend: What is YOUR next step closer to God?¬† I challenge YOU to ask your daughter to tell¬†you HER answer to the question.¬† And, I¬†ask you to encourage her to follow through on taking that next step.¬† In accordance with our lessons, many girls decided they are ready to pursue things like personal bible study and prayer.¬† But, I have heard other decisions as well, like, “my family is going to begin going to church!”¬†¬†What an awesome next step!

I am so very proud of all of our adult leaders who gave their weekend to our tweens.¬† God wove our stories and our gifts together in a beautiful way to make an impact on our girls.¬† Please take some time to thank your daughter’s leader(s) soon.¬† I know that they spent countless hours praying and preparing…to the detriment of their husbands and families the week before!¬† They sacrificed for the girls and this team, and I am so grateful to call them my partners in ministry and my FRIENDS.

To me, what makes Tween Time, T2, and Teen Time REALLY unique and special is the bond we have as NEIGHBORS.¬† I love that we get to share life together as we sharpen each other’s faith and journey with Jesus.¬† I do¬†believe¬†THIS is the way we were designed to live.¬† What happens when real¬†adults live out real life in front of children and SHOW them how to walk step by step in faith?¬† Good things.¬† Not perfect things.¬† But really good, God-empowered, God-blessed¬†things.

Enjoy the picture slideshow by clicking on the link below.  It will give you just a little taste of the fun we had!

Pine Cove Retreat.

Your servant,


Passport 2 Purity 2014


Hi ladies,

I would like to share with you a program that I highly, highly, highly recommend! It’s called Passport 2 Purity and Leelee, my 12-year old daughter, and I have participated in it twice now since she‚Äôs been in 5th grade. P2P is a study on purity for girls and boys ages 11-13 years. It is designed as a parent-child destination weekend to learn all about what God says about purity, peer relationships, making good choices, the importance of communication, love, dating and sex. P2P is supposed to be a fun and exciting, life-changing weekend where you 1) learn about God‚Äôs gift of purity 2) establish communication and trust between mother & daughter on purity issues 3) have fun doing something together that she will always remember…think ice skating in Dallas, shopping spree in San Antonio or a spa day at a b&b in Fredricksburg…the possibilities are endless! I encourage you to check out the website, read about it yourself and take the time to schedule this special weekend with your child. It‚Äôs super easy and inexpensive. All the info is on 5 cds‚Ķall you have to do is listen to them with your child, help them fill in the blanks in the workbook, and be there for them if they have any questions. To order P2P go to:

Because of our busy schedules, child care issues, and financial responsibilities, I know how difficult it is to get out-of town for the weekend. So, I want to propose an alternative to the “get-away,” while still focusing on the importance of the message. God has put it on my heart to teach and reveal His Truth to our girls. I believe that if I had known what I know today I would have made some very different choices and saved myself lots of heartache and regret. I believe our girls CAN and WILL make the right choices if they are given the knowledge and the tools to help them. After Leelee did this study, the first thing she said was, “I didn’t know you had to be so careful about love!” the second thing she said was, “All my friends need to hear this.”

With that said, I will be facilitating the P2P in Bible study format on Mondays, April 7-May 5….6-8pm. I invite you and your daughter to join me at my home. The cost will be $20.00 which includes a workbook for each girl and a project fee. Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions you have. If you cannot attend, please consider allowing your daughter to come with another trusted adult. The information is age appropriate, biblical, and it will be a fun and loving atmosphere.

To register, simply contact me by email or phone and I will preorder the supplies. You can pay when you arrive.

Contact info:

903 Sweetwater Cove,, 512-255-4328 (hm), 512-619-3780 (cell)



Don’t Forget to Sign Up for the Spring Retreat! Deadline is March 7!

Hey Parents,

If your daughter wants to join Tween Time/T2/Teen Time for our very first RETREAT at PINE COVE, the deadline for registration and payment is MARCH 7.  $120 per person.  Moms interested in volunteering welcome, too.

Click on this link for all the information you need to make your decision and get signed up!

You won’t want to miss all of the fun our leaders planned today at our meeting!¬† They worked so hard to come up with activities and Bible teaching that will reach your children’s hearts.¬† Really, I wish you could have been a fly on the wall.¬† God has placed some very talented and loving folks on this team–and He has perfectly sprinkled different gifts so that every need is met.

This retreat has it all: zip lining, s’mores around the¬†bonfire, worship music and games of all kinds, crafting to your heart’s content, a very¬†special presentation of mission work in Uganda (related to our service project), a glow-in-the-dark dance party on Saturday night, volleyball, tetherball, hiking, and kayaking…not to mention stellar hands-on learning opportunities that help the girls draw nearer to the God who made them, loves them, and has a purpose for their lives!¬† It just might change your life.

I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us on March 28-30.¬† We hope each and every girl will be able to join us.

Remember, new friends are welcome.  Just print the information and give it away yourself!

If you have ANY questions, please call me.  512-507-4187


Sarah Moran

Problem Solved! And, THE DANCE IS NOT SOLD OUT!

Thank you, Jenny Best, for calling the Clay Madsen center and going to bat for me!  You ROCK!

It turns out that the dance for the bigger girls (the later one) IS NOT SOLD OUT.¬† So, I am saved…and so are YOU if you have procrastinated!¬† FYI, I was told there are 41 tickets left.¬† (We just took 3 of those.)¬† And, the Clay Madsen center says they¬†WILL sell out tomorrow.¬† SO…

If you still want to register for the daddy daughter dance, call tonight!  512-218-3220.

Crisis averted,


Need Tickets to Clay Madsen Dance! Please help!

Hi everyone.¬† I have officially earned mother of the year.¬† I told my hubby to call the RR¬†YMCA for dance tickets.¬† He did…but the dance we are planning to go to is at Clay Madsen…the next day!¬† And, now the event is sold out.¬† So, even though I helped plan our Tween Time Daughter Daddy Date Night, my children are not gonna be able to go to the dance part.¬† My husband is REALLY disappointed.¬† Haven’t even told the kids yet.¬† I am so frustrated with myself.¬† I got confused about locations…and didn’t know there are two different dances in Round Rock.¬† SO…

How can YOU help?  If anyone has tickets and gets sick or decides not to go, please let me know.  We will buy your tickets.  Win, win.  512-507-4187.

Everyone have fun.  I think it will be a special night for those who called the right place!  LOL