Thanks again for trusting us with your children for the weekend at Pine Cove!  God protected us and provided exactly what we needed for a successful and fun first Tween Time Retreat.

We began our journey there with some rain and hail, but there were rainbows (multiples!) all the way there.  The girls got a big kick out of that!  What a beautiful symbol of God’s promises to us and of His sovereignty.  It gave me the chance to teach the girls that the rainbow is most often seen in the bible directly over God’s THRONE!

All in all, the retreat could not have gone more smoothly.  We took 70 girls with us–about 60% of our membership plus some guests.  How awesome is that?!  From the accommodations to the lessons to the games to the crafts to the free time fun, we were blessed.

Since the weekend, it has been a joy listening to what was learned.  We challenged the girls to answer one question at the end of the weekend: What is YOUR next step closer to God?  I challenge YOU to ask your daughter to tell you HER answer to the question.  And, I ask you to encourage her to follow through on taking that next step.  In accordance with our lessons, many girls decided they are ready to pursue things like personal bible study and prayer.  But, I have heard other decisions as well, like, “my family is going to begin going to church!”  What an awesome next step!

I am so very proud of all of our adult leaders who gave their weekend to our tweens.  God wove our stories and our gifts together in a beautiful way to make an impact on our girls.  Please take some time to thank your daughter’s leader(s) soon.  I know that they spent countless hours praying and preparing…to the detriment of their husbands and families the week before!  They sacrificed for the girls and this team, and I am so grateful to call them my partners in ministry and my FRIENDS.

To me, what makes Tween Time, T2, and Teen Time REALLY unique and special is the bond we have as NEIGHBORS.  I love that we get to share life together as we sharpen each other’s faith and journey with Jesus.  I do believe THIS is the way we were designed to live.  What happens when real adults live out real life in front of children and SHOW them how to walk step by step in faith?  Good things.  Not perfect things.  But really good, God-empowered, God-blessed things.

Enjoy the picture slideshow by clicking on the link below.  It will give you just a little taste of the fun we had!

Pine Cove Retreat.

Your servant,