Hi ladies,

I would like to share with you a program that I highly, highly, highly recommend! It’s called Passport 2 Purity and Leelee, my 12-year old daughter, and I have participated in it twice now since she’s been in 5th grade. P2P is a study on purity for girls and boys ages 11-13 years. It is designed as a parent-child destination weekend to learn all about what God says about purity, peer relationships, making good choices, the importance of communication, love, dating and sex. P2P is supposed to be a fun and exciting, life-changing weekend where you 1) learn about God’s gift of purity 2) establish communication and trust between mother & daughter on purity issues 3) have fun doing something together that she will always remember…think ice skating in Dallas, shopping spree in San Antonio or a spa day at a b&b in Fredricksburg…the possibilities are endless! I encourage you to check out the website, read about it yourself and take the time to schedule this special weekend with your child. It’s super easy and inexpensive. All the info is on 5 cds…all you have to do is listen to them with your child, help them fill in the blanks in the workbook, and be there for them if they have any questions. To order P2P go to:


Because of our busy schedules, child care issues, and financial responsibilities, I know how difficult it is to get out-of town for the weekend. So, I want to propose an alternative to the “get-away,” while still focusing on the importance of the message. God has put it on my heart to teach and reveal His Truth to our girls. I believe that if I had known what I know today I would have made some very different choices and saved myself lots of heartache and regret. I believe our girls CAN and WILL make the right choices if they are given the knowledge and the tools to help them. After Leelee did this study, the first thing she said was, “I didn’t know you had to be so careful about love!” the second thing she said was, “All my friends need to hear this.”

With that said, I will be facilitating the P2P in Bible study format on Mondays, April 7-May 5….6-8pm. I invite you and your daughter to join me at my home. The cost will be $20.00 which includes a workbook for each girl and a project fee. Please feel free to call me or email me with any questions you have. If you cannot attend, please consider allowing your daughter to come with another trusted adult. The information is age appropriate, biblical, and it will be a fun and loving atmosphere.

To register, simply contact me by email or phone and I will preorder the supplies. You can pay when you arrive.

Contact info:

903 Sweetwater Cove, catherineshaw@yahoo.com, 512-255-4328 (hm), 512-619-3780 (cell)