Hi everyone.  I have officially earned mother of the year.  I told my hubby to call the RR YMCA for dance tickets.  He did…but the dance we are planning to go to is at Clay Madsen…the next day!  And, now the event is sold out.  So, even though I helped plan our Tween Time Daughter Daddy Date Night, my children are not gonna be able to go to the dance part.  My husband is REALLY disappointed.  Haven’t even told the kids yet.  I am so frustrated with myself.  I got confused about locations…and didn’t know there are two different dances in Round Rock.  SO…

How can YOU help?  If anyone has tickets and gets sick or decides not to go, please let me know.  We will buy your tickets.  Win, win.  512-507-4187.

Everyone have fun.  I think it will be a special night for those who called the right place!  LOL